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Nightlife in Wayne County Michigan

Wayne county is quite large. It can be very hard to decide what to do. If you live here or come here just to visit you can have some fun. I have listed a few great places to visit and have a good time. These places are for adults only. They all serve beer and can get to be to much for children.

Joey's comedy club is located in Livonia, Michigan. This comedy club has it all. It has a formal dining area. This dining area is very romantic. The food is great and so is the service. In another area they have 14 screens so you can catch what ever game might be on at the time. During playoffs, superbowls and championships come enjoy the big party. Snacks, drinks , TV's and lots of loud people will sure get you up and moving. 

Upstairs they offer a comedy club. Featuring the best live stand up comedians . These comedians come from all over. They are good at what they do. They offer dinner and show packages starting at $20.50 per person. If you just want to catch the show is only $12.00 per person. Thursday night is ladies night. Ladies get in free with the purchase of an entrée.

Club Bart is located in Ferndale which is near Detroit. Bart's has some great food. They offer several specials throughout the week. The service is outstanding. They are so friendly and fast. The chairs at the table were really comfy to. This club is known for its live music and open mike comedy. The set up of this place was pretty neat. The stage is behind the bartenders. The stage has a lift so you can see who ever is on there at that time.

Leland city club located in Detroit, Michigan. You only have to be 18 years old to get in here. Of course 21 years old to drink. There club is set up different then most. The door is by a hotel and its un marked. You go through the door and up the stairs to get to the club. They offer and big dance floor with a huge sound system. They have lights flashing while you dance the night away. 

If you get a little tired go hang out in the lounge area. It's not as loud there and it's a nice relaxing place to take a break and have a drink. This club is more like an alternative club. Most people were in black or dark clothes. They had the chains hanging off their clothes. Its a great place to hang out at. Everyone is nice there and service is good. The drinks start at $4.00 which is not bad for a club.

The Old Shillelagh is located Near Greektown in Detroit. The bar has two levels to it. It's very loud and fun here. With the Irish theme to it and the Detroit rowdiness its a place that cant be beat. They serve their beer in glass mugs, serve Shepard's pie and have green lights everywhere including hanging from the ceiling. The music loud and the people even louder. Everyone was signing and dancing to the humorous songs. They encourage everyone to sing. They have a game room with pool tables, cricket, darts and more. The game room was fun but smoky. This was a great experience.

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